Mirak lanka is engaged with identifying business opportunities and coming up with an action plan in order to improve our client’s business model. In Sri Lankan economy, business consultancy is growing rapidly, from one hand to other in international firms looking for knowledge of the market, and on the other to local firms looking to build competencies and grow faster. Our consultants provide their advice to clients in a variety of forms. Mirak lanka bring specialized knowledge about the industries working in srilanka, and an outside perspective to our clients, in order to help them achieve their objectives. Our consulting firms also work on identifying synergies between client companies and help them to use these opportunities by merging or collaborating. We are customer-oriented, and understand our client’s needs. Mirak lanka work in a teams, so you need to be a team-player. If you are going to start as an entry-level analyst, you should also keep in mind to show initiative, and developing opportunities might accelerate your progression within the firm. We help you to discover honest insights into where things aren't working. We help you to tap the "wisdom within."

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We focus on the "bigger picture" of what it is you need to create for your business and talk about what will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams, goals and tasks. We focus on developing your highest potential, as well as developing your business. 


We provide a step-by-step system for designing your business and marketing model. If you're ready to transform your business and jump-start it into an exciting and profitable future, then you'll want to explore then find different business opportunity in sri lanka with us.


We provide you the structure where to invest how to invest and how much to invest. We provide exclusive insight and result-oriented strategic guidance to governments, corporates, and SMEs in various frontier markets.