Latest Projects

Restaurant Project

35 Restaurants across Sri Lanka, can invest individually and groups. Investment Cost is 15-20 Lakhs INR

Prawns Farm

600 Acres ready to start Prawns Farms, well equipped and completed site for lease. Minimum lease is 10 acres. Individual as well as group investors are welcome.

Island Project

Proposed 50 Acres Island for Resorts, Restaurants and Water Sports

Tourism & Leisure

1. Integrated Tourism Resort Projects

Sector - Tourism

Integrated Tourism Project – Construction of hotels, Entertainment Centers, Golf Courses. Water based accommodation facilities, Water related facilities, Ayurvedic Health Village and Spa, Eco lodge Deluxe hotel as leading product and development landmark, Water sports centre, Boat Service, Aqua centre and museum.

2. Resort & Recreation Development

Sector - Tourism

Lake Resort Hotel (Activity based Eco Tourism)

3. Beach Resort / Hotel

Sector - Tourism

Tourism Development Project with Beach Resorts

4. Tourism & Leisure

Sector - Tourism & Leisure

Nature Trails, Eco Hotels, Healthcare Hotels, Business Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Villa Hotels Floating ship / Boat based hotels.

Sri Lanka has an ambitious target of 2.5 Mn foreign tourist by year 2016 and during year 2013 more than 1.2745 Mn foreign Tourists have visited the Country

Universities & Training Institutes

1. To Establish World Class Universities and Knowledge Cities

Sector - Higher Education Sector

To establish 05 world class Universities and 02 Knowledge Cities;

To attract (10,000) foreign students, (500) foreign Professors and Researchers to Sri Lanka.

To minimize the outflow of the Sri Lankan students going abroad (estimated10,000 leave seeking higher education annually)

Approx. 250,000 are qualified to enter universities in Sri Lanka annually, out of which only 25,000 are allocated seats in the state universities and the balance of 25,000 go into technical colleges.

An estimated 75,000 are enrolled in the non-state sector higher education institutes.

2. Establishment of Southern Campus of General Sir John Kotelawela Defense University

Sector - Higher Education Sector

General Sir John Kotelawela Defense University of Sri Lanka (KDU)is striving to contribute in the development of tertiary education in Sri Lanka. In this endeavor, KDU has expanded its objectives of producing academically qualified officers for tri-forces and now it also offers tertiary educational programs for military, civilian and foreign students on a fee levying basis.

The new development work of southern Campus of KDU shall encompass staff Residential & administrative units, state of the art standard lecture theaters, state of the art interactive lecture theaters with multimedia facilities, Computer laboratories with staff rooms, cafeterias, furnish family Guest houses, residential Hostel accommodation for all students, landscaping and green environment, Sports facilities, Auditorium halls, state of the art library with e-learning facilities, accommodation for technician & workers etc.

3. Homeopathic Training College & Homeopathic Hospital

Sector - Training Institute

The project aims to construct and operate a Homeopathic Training Institute with all facilities inclusive of a Hospital in Sri Lanka.

IT, BPO & Knowledge Activities

1. Mini Software / KPO Park Development

Sector - IT & BPO

Projects Envisaged;

1. Mini Software Development Parks.

2. Business/ Knowledge Process Outsourcing Parks.

2. To Develop an IT & Knowledge Park within the Northern Province

Sector - IT & Knowledge Services

Development of Information Technology Park / Educational Park, Multi use complex.

Sri Lanka has been ranked 2nd in South Asia under the Network Readiness Index in the Global Information Technology Report 2010- 2011 published by the World Economic Forum

Sri Lanka has the largest pool of UK Certified Accountants outside of UK.

IT industry wages range from US$ 150 to US$ 2500 per month which is 30% lower than other offshoring destinations.

According to the current National data;

• No. of students sat for the University Entrance examination 250,000.

• No. of students qualified for University entrance 150,000.

• No. of students intake to local govt. Universities 25,000.

Port Related Commercial Hub Operations

1. Establishing Entreport Trade / Services

Sector - Hub Operations

1. Import of merchandise for minor processing and re-export

2. Import of inputs for export processing with minimum of 10% of Value Addition

Establishing Entreport Trade Operations / Services in Sri Lankan

2. Logistic Services

Sector - Hub Operations / Logistic Services

1. Warehousing, Inventory Management, Logistic Value Addition

2. Freight forwarding for clients abroad

3. Transshipment Activities

4. Regional Trade Bonds

Logistic Services

3. Head Quarters Operations

Sector - Hub / Head Quarters Operations

1. International Billing

2. Quality Control

3. Financial Services

4. Administration

5. Supply Chain Management

Logistic Services

Health Sector

1. Private Hospitals

Sector - Infrastructure / Health Care Services

Establishment of Private Hospitals. Specifically designed to treat patients with heart ailments, mental tranquility and medical Tourism.

Infrastructure Development (New Zones & Petroleum Refinery)

1. Development of a Agro Economic Zone

Sector - Infrastructure / Agro Processing

Agro Economic Zone at within the Northern / Eastern Province, The project aims to construct a 350 acre Agro Processing Zone with all facilities within Northern Province in Sri Lanka.

The project will enhance the facilities available within the Northern Province inclusive of creation of urgently needed job opportunities.

To create a centre of excellence for agro business and investments that conforms to best international standards.

Promote local and foreign investments in Agro Processing Sector with Research, innovation, new technology.

2. To Establish 45 New BOI Zones Covering all Districts

Sector - Infrastructure

To Develop Export Processing Zones / Parks within all Districts for Manufacturing, Agro Processing, IT/BPO/KPO Parks to generate employment

3. MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaulfacilities) for Airlines at MRIA

Sector - Tourism Infrastructure

MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities) for airlines. Land Allocation –35 ha

4. To Establish & Operate an Agro Zone

Sector - Agriculture

To Develop the Agro Zone to locate for animal husbandry, dairy, cultivation of cash crops using annual rainfall, agro wells or by rainwater harvesting.

Manufacturing Sector

1. Investment Opportunity in Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products for the Local and Export Market

Sector - Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products for the Local and Export Market

The Government of Sri Lanka has spent US$ 372 Mn. on importation of Pharmaceutical and Medical Products in 2013. The estimated cost of locally manufactured pharmaceutical products in 2013 was approx. US$ 40 Mn. This was 8% -10 % from the total requirement. Therefore there is an opportunity for manufacturing pharmaceutical product for the national requirement. Accordingly the special incentives have been granted to manufacture pharmaceutical products as import replacement for the country in budget proposal 2012.

2. Manufacturing Healthcare Supplements / Cosmetic Products

Sector - Manufacturing

Manufacture of Healthcare Supplements / Cosmetic Products

3. Value Added Rubber Industry

Sector - Manufacturing

Value added Rubber Products i.e. Tyres, Tubes, rubber based Motor Spare Parts, rubber based toy products etc. for export market under Free Trade Agreement between Sri Lanka and India / Sri Lanka and Pakistan

4. Manufacture of Textile Accessories

Sector - Manufacturing

Manufacture of Textile accessories

Sri Lanka has a well develop Garment Industry and as such Potential Investors / Developers are invited to invest in the manufacture of textile accessories to cater to the Garment Industry within Sri Lanka.

5. Woven Fabric Manufacturing Plant (TextileManufacturing) cluster

Sector - Manufacturing

To set up a textile mill for manufacture of woven fabrics to meet the annual demand of 1,000 million meters of textile materials requirement of this country. Presently the Country imports nearly 80% from abroad.

PPP Projects in Dairy Industry

1. Public Private Partnerships in Model Agro Farms

Sector - Agro Farms for Dairy Industry

To set up Model Dairy Farms to supplement the national Milk Requirement.

Middle Income Housing for Government Officers

1. Finance & Construction of Middle Income Housing for Government Officers

Sector -Housing & Mixed Development

To Finance & Construct Middle Income Housing for Government Officers. Ground Plus

3 floors with multiples of 500 Apartment Units depending on the space availability. External Infrastructure up to the Project Boundary would be provided. Internal Infrastructure including internal roads, foot paths, common areas, water, sewer and electricity connections to apartments, waste water treatment should be completed by the Developer.