Investment Facilitation

Mirak lanka provide assistance and advice throughout the investment process from initial point of enquiry through project approval, implementation, monitoring and aftercare facilities. Investment Facilitation is widely seen as the most basic and cost effective activity supporting foreign investment promotion. We provide support to prospective investors during the investors' location selection and decision-making processes

Visa Facilitation

Mirak lanka assists with the facilitation of visas for eligible investors and employees. This include Business visa and Resident Visas. Foreign Nationals who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for a visit (such as business conferences, discussions, training programs, tourism, medical treatments, sports, and cultural shows) can apply Visas through our valuable instruction.

Engineering Approvals

Engineering Approvals Department is to provide location related services according to Projects. Investor is supposed to obtain an approval for the proposed site and building, from concerned Govt. Authorities and Local bodies. The approval process includes a site inspection and a brief study about the environmental impacts on future project and vise versa. Mirak lanka provides you the guidelines in this process.

Environmental Clearances

The operations of all enterprises should be carried out ensuring conformity to the provisions of the National Environmental Act and its regulations. The Environmental Impact Assessment regulations of Sri Lanka include a list of Prescribed Projects are laid down in the regulations for granting of environmental clearance. Mirak lanka assists you to reach and fulfill all procedures to get Govt. and Local Authority's environment clearance agreements.

Legal Services

Mirak lanka advise investors on general and specific legal issues according to the rules and regulations of Govt. of Sri Lanka for the successful approval of your dream project. Arrange execution of project agreements and Supplementary Agreements for Govt. and Local body approvals.

Investor Services

Mirak lanka grants procedure to get following approvals from Govt. and Local authority Processing Import / Export Documents, Examination of Import / Export Cargo Issue of Certificates of Origin for Apparel and Textile products, Approval for Sub contracts, Transfers, Loans, Re-Import and Re-Export of Items, Immigration & Emigration for issue of expatriate visas, Indirect Export Web Submission.

Industrial Relations

Industrial relations department of Mirak Lanka promotes and facilitates labour management co-operation and industrial harmony in the Enterprises coming under its purview and provides advisory services and guidance to employers and employees on labour relations aspects.

Zone Management

Mirak lanka can assist investors in finding a suitable location as well as provide other services in the respective Govt. and Local body regional offices. Services provided by them include:
1) Facilitation of Visas
2) Engineering approvals
3) Monitoring and aftercare

Web Submission

Mirak Lanka provides all information regarding two ways of submitting information to Govt. and Local Authorities. In Print and Mail you could print and mail/email/fax the attached documents according to our Online Submission You could submit the details on-line via internet.

Lank Bank

Mirak Lanka stepping stone to anyone interested in investing in Real Estate in Sri Lanka. We make every effort to give value on your investment in buying, trading or selling marketable properties. These include hotel projects, Houses and housing plots, Commercial buildings and Lands suitable for commercial purposes or factories, Plantations, etc.

Partnership Finder

Mirak Lanka provides Partnership finder facility by which a firm seeking to form partnerships approach potential partners in advance to reduce the risk of providing the wrong things. This process provides you the right partner who works with you to get a profitable project.


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